No rain, just shine? Aquaholder will do just fine

Aquaholder® Seed

PEWAS company has developed a breakthrough seed coating technology Aquaholder® Seed applying super-absorbent polymers that can absorb up to 200-500 times more of water to their own weight and release it back to the seed roots in times of water scarcity. As a result, the roots of the seeds coated with Aquaholder® Seed technology have more water available during the first, critical growth phase resulting in strong germination and vigor with potentially higher yields.

What makes PEWAS technology unique in comparison to competitors is the specific mode of action, full compatibility within current seed industrial treating processes and fast degradation in soil. Moreover, PEWAS technology is versatile and complementary to other alternatives tackling drought related challenges. PEWAS technology multiplies the efficacy in the current system.

Key benefits

  • Improved abiotic stress resistance leading to healthier/higher quality field production
  • Simple, quick to implement, and fast to adopt innovation
  • Increased water efficiency in first stages of plant development
  • Higher seed emergence rate – lowers the need to arrange re-sowing because of ruined planting
  • Insurance of unexpected/unpredictable weather changes
  • Complementary solution increasing the efficacy of other drought related solutions
  • Industrial use thanks to unique composition - currently only solution available on the market