Less water, fewer fertilizers yet more harvest Aquaholder® Agro

Aquaholder®  Agro

Falls into a category of new substances labeled "functional polymers" which have proven to become very efficient tools to increase farmers' yield through higher seed emergence rates and a lowered need for irrigation. This can be achieved through the excellent quality of Aquaholder® products to absorb large quantities of water and gradually release it to the seeds and root system when they need it most.

Key benefits

  • Increases water efficiency up to 50%
  • Helps to create a more developed root system
  • Better survival rates for young trees
  • Increases the efficiency of regular fertilizers and nutrients, and so reduces their amount needed
  • Reduces water contamination caused by pesticides and fertilizers by entrapping them in the created Aquaholder® gel
  • Helps absorb excessive humidity to avoid roots decay 
  • Aquaholder® Agro is available in various forms based on customer’s requirements (e.g. Aquaholder® Root - suitable for planting tree seedlings, Aquaholder® Inject - injecting superabsorbents into the root zone of existing trees or during the replanting phase to reduce irrigation needs and stress conditons)