Protect your property. extinguish fire faster


In a fire, firefighting teams need to cope with two major issues once the people in danger have been safely evacuated. They must choose between putting out the fire on the burning property, or preventing neighboring, yet undamaged, objects from catching fire. What if there was an effective answer to tackle both? PEWAS Fire is a top notch water based agent for Class A fires for the following reasons:

Key benefits

  • 30 to 50 % quicker at extinguishing fires
  • 30 to 60 % less water needed to extinguish fires
  • After application, PEWAS Fire creates a gel- like barrier (up to 5mm thick). It prevents oxygen from reaching the fuel. The fire is rapidly extinguished and the cooling effect of water is optimized.
  • The fireproof layer of fire gel protects property and surrounding areas from catching fire
  • Can be applied simply to existing firefighting devices without additional modification
  • Creates a gel in the water cistern immediately without creating chunks
  • The "gel blanket" covers the source of fire and eliminates likely re-ignition of the fire
  • Ideal for extinguishing forest fires and for use in places without  good access to the water

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