Save your property.stop water faster


PEWAS Flood gives owners in flood risk areas peace of mind by knowing they can rely on our unique way of protecting their property against floods without using conventional sand bags. Since there is no need for the strenuous sand-filling process, homeowners and emergency response teams can save vital time and energy for other important rescue operations. PEWAS Flood is filled with a special type of superabsorbent which absorbs water into its internal structures and does not release it, even under pressure.

Key benefits

  • Quick and efficient method of absorbing water (30 to 50 times  the weight of the bag)
  • Immediate application in emergency cases - no need for sand transport and sand filling
  • Easy handling due to its low weight (15kg after absorption vs. 30kg of a sand- filled bag)
  • Low storage needs due to its low volume when inactive
  • Long term storage of up to 10 years
  • Can be reused if water is not contaminated
  • An improved 3 chamber design of our bags enables flexible barrier construction
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Protecting personal property. Applicable to household leaks (broken washing machine, fridge, leaky faucet, or as a damage preventions -  garage doors and etc.)

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