At PEWAS we constantly seek innovative solutions in chemistry with respect for the environment, efficiency, and application across a wide array of industries. We look at things differently, and don't compromise between efficiency and ecology. We are convinced that it is possible to be both efficient and ecological at the same time.

What we do

We specialize in ecological innovative chemistry, consulting, and research & development of new solutions for clients in various industries, agriculture, and transportation.

We have developed solutions ranging from an innovative use of special polymers to remove harmful by-products of petroleum accidents and natural disasters (floods and fires) to the application of these polymers in agriculture to absorb water in the soil, proving to be an efficient tool for farmers in extremely dry regions.

Another benefit we offer is the production of new biodegradable oils and lubricants for different industries essential to the economy (forestry, water management, construction, and railway industries). Anywhere conventional mineral oils cause extensive environmental damages upon leakage, our biodegradable products avert this situation.

Since our establishment in 1992, our product portfolio has also consisted of numerous consumer goods of traditional chemistry such as shoe and leather care, bio lubricants and fire-place chemistry.

Research & development

Our key asset is the accumulated experience we have from research & development projects for our clients and their particular application needs. All of our products and solutions developed in our in-house laboratories are manufactured in our production facility in Sereď, Slovakia and tested under real conditions.

Not all of our products are represented on this website. If you have not found a product or solution for your needs here, let us please know at and we will be happy to respond.